At BGW, S.A. the values and principles shared in a united and altruistic manner form the basis of a strong, happy team committed to the success of the Company.

Here we develop a work of sharing and involvement of all, both individually and collectively. Each one is fundamental and indispensable in the pursuit of those objectives that are the objectives of all and for all.

Our Team

Sérgio  Silva
CEO and Founder

Sérgio is responsible for all of this!

He is the “conductor”, he is responsible for ensuring the motivation and happiness of the whole team.

He was born in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, from where he came at a young age, which naturally marked his personality and his way of seeing and being in life.

He graduated from the University of Minho and took a post-graduate course at ISEG in Economics and Management, areas that would eventually dictate his professional options.

His taste for challenges took him back to Africa where, for over a decade, he coordinated the execution of civil engineering projects and was involved in international trade, a path that brought out his entrepreneurial DNA.

The frequency with which he travelled allowed him to do something he had always been very curious about – visiting factories. This is where his ambition and will to leave a mark on the industrial panorama emerged.

He dedicated years of his life to developing the idea, and it was resilience that led him to its materialisation. Based on his concern for the future of the planet and on the premise of looking after the younger generations, his brand, his BGW, was born.

Pedro  Ferreirinha
Industrial and Engineering Director

Pedro Ferreirinha is the Mechanical Engineer that accepted the proposal to develop the process that Sérgio Silva had designed for BGW.

His experience as R&D technician and director of development of thermal equipment and products, led him to assume the position of technical coordinator director with the responsibility of supporting the construction of the first fully automated industrial unit in the world in the production of photovoltaic modules, where he coordinated the areas of industrial maintenance and infrastructure, product engineering, process engineering implementing the best practices and philosophies of industrial management in force in the automotive industry.

In 2012 he took over as industrial director with the coordination of 3 industrial production units (cutting, machining and tempering of solar glass, cutting and machining of aluminium, and production of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules).

It is in 2015 that he becomes 100% involved with BGW and leads him to develop an ecological pyrolysis industrial technology that guarantees “zero waste” for the production of charcoal with the use of synthesis gases, and pyrolene liquids, performing at the moment the function of Industrial Director of the Alvaiázere industrial unit.

Rita Alves
Administrative, Treasury and HR Director. Project Manager

Rita Alves has been with BGW since 2008 and currently combines the role of Administrative and Financial Director with that of Administrator.

She is Economics graduate.

Her professional career is marked by work in the financial departments of SMEs in different branches of activity, with involvement in Community Frameworks since the CSF II. She joined the BGW team as part of the Administrative and Financial department and feels involved and committed to the implementation of the Alvaiázere Industrial Unit, namely in what concerns Financial and Administrative Management.

Her attitude in professional terms is characterized by a daily learning and by always trying to contribute to the success of BGW, valuing the good professional environment and team spirit.

Hugo  Rodrigues
Director of Logistics and Purchasing

Hugo Rodrigues works as Logistics and Commercial Director at BGW since April 2005, this being his first and only employment contract to date, which makes Hugo the longest serving member of BGW.

Despite his academic training in Organisational Communication (Marketing and Advertising) it was in the functions of the operational, logistic and purchasing department of the Company that he felt most stimulated.

His “multi-task” facet and total availability for BGW is a fundamental pillar that guarantees the smooth running and performance of all sectors of the company.

In professional terms Hugo keeps focused in finding the best solutions and the best partners so that Bio Green Woods never stops and can develop its activity with the best performance possible.

Filipa  Lima
Research Project Manager

Filipa Lima, has a PhD in Refining Engineering, Petrochemistry and Chemistry and a Master in Biological Engineering.

She was a researcher in several public and private institutions and, in 2020, after finishing her PhD, she joined BGW’s team as an R&D Engineer.

Here she researches and develops new products and processes on a laboratory scale and then goes on to implement them on an industrial scale.

Filipa’s scientific interests are centred in the field of chemistry and sustainable engineering, but at work she values team spirit and mutual help, as a pillar to do more and better.

Ibrahim  Gulyurtlu
Scientific Advisor

Professor “Ibrahim Gulyurtlu, PhD in combustion was, for several years, Coordinating Researcher of LNEG, in the areas of R&D in combustion, thermochemical conversion and pollution and was also University Professor for more than two decades.

As technical consultant for companies in the same areas, he accepted the challenge of BGW where he has collaborated in the development of new products and pyrolysis processes.

His contribution, given his preponderant scientific knowledge in several areas, has been very significant and relevant in the research carried out by BGW.

Luísa  Morais

Luisa Morais has a degree in Economics and in 2021 she took on the challenge of being BGW’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

She has extensive experience in Financial Management, having had the opportunity to work in different industry sectors, including moulds, agro-food, food, metalworking, pharmaceutical and ceramics. He has a strong business orientation with responsibilities in the definition and implementation of the company’s strategy in very different organisational moments.

The BGW project captivated her because it is a start-up industrial company whose factory is a demonstration of technology and processes developed by her R&D team. This makes it possible to combine, what for Luisa is the best of both worlds: participation in the financial strategy of an industrial company with the aspect of coach and team manager. Even more so when it comes to a young, innovative and fast-changing company.

Ricardo  Brito
Planning and Control Director

Ricardo Brito, with a Master’s degree in Management and a degree in Economics, started working in BGW in 2020, in the Planning and Control Department, a proposal he took on due to his ambition to join a project with high potential and consequent contribution to the region he comes from.

Previously he had done an internship in his academic area and later he performed functions as assistant in the Operational Planning department, having been invited to assume the direction of this department about a year and a half after his entry, later he also accumulated the functions of transport department direction.

In academic terms, at BGW, Ricardo bases everything he does on “numerical” rigour, which allows him to guarantee efficiency and absence of deviations and surprises. As for the work environment, he values the team’s good mood and mutual help as a way of ensuring a pleasant atmosphere and high levels of productivity.

Rosa Filipe Santos
Filipe Santos
Marketing Director

Rosa Filipe is Director of the Marketing and Strategic Communication Department and Product Manager. With a degree in Economics and a Post-Graduation in Taxation, she is in fact passionate about business management. The challenge intrinsic to business development and the creation of strategies that make them grow puts her and her broad management vision to the test, skills that she has consolidated over more than two decades of experience. Marketing is your preferred ally because it allows you to listen to the market, understand it and understand what it needs. He also feels it to be an “accomplice” as a tool that enables him to fine-tune the internal and external communication of the company in a consistent manner. She feels that BGW is like a younger “son” that does not give way to monotony and that takes her hours of sleep to “dream” how she can add value, a way that stimulates and enhances the performance that she demands of herself.

João  Cabrita
IT Director

João Cabrita is the IT Director of BGW and, together with the CEO, is also the face of the Company for the international market.

He graduated in Management by the University of Algarve, but very early began his path with IT infrastructure and home automation projects still as a hobby.

His training associated with his passion for technologies led him to manage to interconnect the two areas that were the basis of his 8-year experience in Africa.  There, between 2013 and 2021, he implemented the first branch ERP software solutions in Angola that allowed a very efficient management organization, optimizing cost structures and pricing policies.

He integrated the position of CFO and IT Manager in a responsible team of one of the largest distributors of construction materials in Angola of multinational brands of Portuguese origin.

His diversification, internationalization and contact with clients/suppliers allowed him to learn and enjoy the relationships between them, an asset that he brought to BGW adding value to the company.

Available and curious for a continuous learning, João’s humour and friendliness make him an important element in the team’s well-being.

André  Fernandes
Maintenance Manager

André is responsible for BGW’s Maintenance and Industrial Automation.

Sure of the area he wanted to follow, he started his professional career as an electrician and only then, in 2015, he finished his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, year in which he was hired to manage one of the electrical maintenance teams in the paper industry.

He was subsequently invited to manage the maintenance department in a wood fibre industry where his performance led to him taking on the role of responsible for the industrial automation of that group’s three factories.

In 2019 he joined the BGW team where his professional background and know-how led him to accept the challenge of being responsible for maintenance and industrial automation.Experiência: 8 Anos

Eva  Mendes
Quality, Safety and Environment Manager

When she finished her degree in Mechanical Engineering, Eva Mendes came to BGW to do a professional traineeship, after which she was given the opportunity to stay in the company, which she did, where she currently manages the quality, safety and environmental area of the company.

She has a special interest in continuing her learning, which has led her to attend training courses and complete a higher technical course in safety and hygiene at work.

Eva is a young woman who puts all her energy and focus into the performance of her duties and sees the best way to work as a team in between help.

Filipe  Almeida
Product Process Engineering Manager

Filipe Almeida, about to conclude his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management, has proudly assumed at BGW the position of Process Engineer, a position that allows him to materialize the research work, the prototypes and the production equipment of the industrial unit.

His professional experience extends over sectors such as 3D design, manufacturing processes and production manager.

With regard to his professional performance at BGW, he has implemented teamwork as an integral and differentiating factor of his Industrial Department, where he discusses the development and improvement of production processes, as well as the flow of material and human resources.

José  Frazão
Production Manager

José Frazão Ferreira has a Master in Mechanical Engineering and it was in 2020 that he took on the challenge of being the Production Manager of BGW’s first industrial unit in Alvaiázere.

After starting his professional career as a Research Grant Holder in Técnico, he worked in Project Engineering and in Installation Analysis, where he performed the role of Offshore Construction Engineer.

Since joining the BGW team, the focus of his work has been to help materialise all the development carried out by the Project Engineering and R&D teams, especially with regard to the operationalisation of the production lines.

In the scope of his activity he is interested above all in the influence of the less obvious variables in the unfolding of processes and, in the professional field, he is an unwavering defender of the use of the team’s creativity, by means of continuous improvement, as the main tool for obtaining results. He likes to cultivate empathy and perspective.

Paulo  Loureiro
Product Process Engineer

Paulo Loureiro, is the youngest member of BGW.

Master in Chemical Engineering he started working as a researcher in a public institution in the development of “green” products.

In 2021 he joined the BGW team as a member of the R&D department where he is involved with the development of processes at semi-industrial scale and their industrial implementation.

Paulo’s background is in the field of activated carbon production and development.

Professionally he values teamwork and the constant acquisition of knowledge.

Vítor  Cruz
Internal Auditor

Vítor Cruz is an Industrial Technician at BGW since 2016, where he performs functions ranging from the development and validation of new processes on a semi-industrial scale, to their industrial implementation.

His professional experience, of two decades, has materialized in functions of quality auditor, industrial supervision and equipment validation and implementation.

In his area of activity Vítor is mainly interested in the development and industrialisation of new equipment.

In the work field Vítor is always available to collaborate with everyone and to embrace new challenges, a preponderant contribution to the pursuit of the Company’s objectives.

Gustavo  Sousa

Gustavo Sousa has a master’s degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and has been part of BGW since 2020, where he was part of the R&D + Innovation department.

He started his career in the field of research and development of production processes in an industrial environment, knowledge and know-how that he brought to BGW in order to add value to the research process.

His scientific interests focus on the field of alternative and sustainable processes for the production of fibers and other carbon materials and, in the professional field, he chooses the group spirit as a differentiating element for the Company.

Maria João  Almeida
Maria João
Analysis and Methods Manager

Maria João Almeida has a degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and finished her Master in Chemical Technology in 2019 being already part of BGW’s R&D + Innovation team. Currently, her work in the laboratories ranges from the development of processes at laboratory scale to their industrial implementation, followed by the quality control of the developed products. Maria João’s scientific interests focus on the field of Chemical Engineering and sustainability, but she mainly values a good professional environment and teamwork.

Nuno  Pereira

Nuno Pereira has a PhD in Chemistry in the Technological Chemistry specialty.

He worked as a researcher in several research centres and, in 2021, he joined BGW’s team, integrating its R&D department, where he works in the area of research and development of new products.

Scientifically, Nuno is interested in the field of materials and surface chemistry.

As far as the work environment is concerned, what he considers most important is teamwork.