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Project title: Mercancia Internacional

Project code: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-25937 / CENTRO-04-3560-FSE-025937

Objetivo Principal: Reforçar a competitividade das pequenas e médias empresas 

Intervention region: Centro2020

Entidade Beneficiária: BGW, S.A.

Project approval date: 18-05-2017

Start date: 02-01-2017

Data de conclusão: 01-01-2021

Total eligible cost: € 838,908.94

Own share: 55%.

FEDER contribution: 45%

Objectives of the project / activity and expected / achieved results:

Mercancia - Representação de Produtos Alimentares, Lda. Is a limited liability company created in March 2005. It has always been intended to play a differentiating role in the international market, where it provides a comprehensive service to its customers, essentially assisting and concentrating all the effort and focus to satisfy customer needs. The company does business in several areas, ranging from food, beverages, construction material and industrial equipment. In 2005 he started his business with the purchase and sale of charcoal to the USA and it was this experience that later ended, becoming a permanent desire to go further in this business area.

The company's orientation has always been directed towards the international market, and the company's sales structure over the years of activity demonstrates this, through a gradual reduction of dependence on the domestic market and reinforcement of its presence in more attractive markets.

This strategy proved to be of high value for MERCANCIA, as, in 2013, the company became 100% exporter.

MERCANCIA is a company made up of people who have a high experience and knowledge of the markets, as well as the means of distribution and potential customers, making MERCANCIA a company that brings together all the conditions for success.

With all the knowledge acquired, the desire to develop a charcoal production system was born, but, unlike the existing ones, MERCANCIA wanted to go further, that is, to obtain the highest rate of efficiency and effectiveness in the whole process: 100% of total utilization in the carbonization process.

After several years of investment and learning, it was concluded that the time has come to realize this desire, mainly because it is believed that all the conditions are in place to move forward with the process.

MERCANCIA, with this project, aims to be the main national charcoal producer certified by FSC, using reference technologies and safeguarding the sustainability of resources and the environment.

The company has a tripartite concern, aiming to obtain a return on its investment, safeguarding the planet's longevity and providing training and conditions to its human resources (PPP - People, Planet, Profit). The company believes that success and longevity derive directly from human resources and their experience and expertise.

MERCANCIA has the following strategic objectives with this project:

- Creating value while maintaining a balanced financial structure;

- Development of innovative and personalized solutions for customers, optimizing existing infrastructure and cost structures for this purpose;

- Automation of the industrial unit in order to reduce costs;

- Promotion of green technologies, maintaining the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction;

- Ensure efficiency in the use of resources, promoting their sustainable use.

In this way, MERCANCIA intends to carry out a series of investments that will allow it to start exporting to sophisticated international markets, namely: Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Namibia, China, Germany, USA, Brazil, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Canada and South Korea, strengthening its sales in markets such as Congo, Angola and Cayman Islands.