PT 2020 - Inovação


Co-financed by:

Project Designation | New Zero Waste and Ecological Industrial Unit
Project Code | POCI-02-0853-FEDER-038232
Main Objective | Strengthening the competitiveness of PMEs

Intervention Region | Center - Alvaiázere
Entidade Beneficiária|BGW, S.A.

Approval date | 18-04-2018
Start date | 23-05-2018
Data de conclusão|21-11-2021
Total eligible cost | € 6,962,765.15
European Union financial support | FEDER 4,177,659.09 €

Objectives, activities and expected results
Creation of 1 new industrial unit «ZERO WASTE AND ECOLOGICAL», where through an innovative Carbonization System, developed in an R&D process, it will be possible to fully use the resulting products, including Condensable and Non-condensable Gases, obtaining a cycle 100% efficient production, with ZERO WASTE.

Additionally, new and innovative charcoal products and by-products will be created and launched on the market, under its own brand «BIO GREEN WOOD and BIO GREEN BARBECUE», which will lead to a set of excellent products with very high quality (higher carbon rate) 90%) and degree of purity and, with great added value, which will be destined to market segments of greater sophistication and demand in international markets.

The actions listed will induce significant impacts in all aspects of the company's global productivity, with special emphasis on the level of GVA, Turnover, Margins and EBITDA.